Director of Photography


The Gear

My name is George Stearns DP and I'm passionate about the most innovative cameras and camera movement systems available. 

At I have packages for every budget, starting with Arri Alexa Mini, RED's flagship 8k Weapon Monstro & Scarlet W, Sony's FS7, FS5 RAW, A7sII, Black Magic's Cinema 4k, & the Canon 5DIII's.  I compliment these camera packages with support products from FreeFly, Kessler Crane, Heden/Karat, Tilta, Paralinx, Small, Flanders, & Zacuto just to name a few.


Pairing the Movi Pro with RED DSMC2 cameras is the next generation of flying a cinema camera on a gimbal.   The light weight of the DSMC2 body and the new power distribution of the Movi Pro create a platform that  doesn't require heavy gold or V mount batteries attached to the camera.  This power distribution advancement also allows us to run wireless video systems and focus motors without additional battery weight, keeping this super powerful cinema package ultra light!   From the Movi controller one can take control of the gimbal, focus, iris, zoom, start/stop record, and most camera controls.  In short, it's all the features you want and need to to produce projects the way you always imagined.



But I don't just specialize in cameras, my niche is camera movement and I have been operating the FreeFly Movi since the very beginning. I employ toad in the hole quick release connections to move the Movi Pro from dolly, to jib, back to handheld, or even onto our Freefly Alta 6 to take almost any camera package air born in minutes. On bigger shoots I employ two Movi's to even further reduce down time between scenes.

While I love the weight and flexibility of the  RED DSMC2 package I find the image of ARRI Alexa to Shine above all and not much more weight or complication in rigging.  For smaller budgets I employ Sony, Black Magic, Panasonic to any of my Movi Gimbals. 


My Fleet of UAVs includes the FreeFly Alta 6, the DJI Inspire 2 with the X7 camera and gimbal package and for really tight quarters I also fly the DJI Mavic Pro .

The Alta 6 can carry up to 15 pounds of camera and gimbal payload and easily integrates with our Movi gimbals and Movi controller.  It is capable of carrying a Red camera packages and offer lens and zoom control form the ground for the most discerning aerial needs.  

The DJI Inspire 2 is a marvel of engineering, and at the price point is truly unbelievable! With a 5.2k Zenmuse sensor both the Cinema DNG Raw and Pro Res images are stunning, but it doesn't stop there!  The Inspire 2 is up and flying in under 10 minutes out of the case, it flies for nearly 30 mins. on it's twin redundant batteries, has a range of 6 miles, does a car chasing 67mph and to make things even safer it employs additional pilot view and collision avoidance cameras.