George Stearns

I'm a Colorado based Director of Photography, FAA Certified Part 107 Drone Pilot (fully insured), Movi Specialist, Helicopter Pilot (FAA certified), and founder of  I've always had a passion for combining artistic expression, story telling, and the technical aspects of cinematography, while creating a methodic approach that's simple, elegant, and appropriate for the scale of the project.  This passion is the driving force behind behind everything I create, from small business online content to large national television campaigns the same level of care and creativity goes into every story I tell.
My ethos is simple, love what you do and work as hard as you can at it.  In this case, I love telling stories through technical proficiency, and a deep understanding of how to get shots that are compelling. 
More importantly, I love the process of uncovering and
understanding the foundational "Why" as it relates to the stories I tell  with my clients, and finding creative and innovative ways ways to express their vision.