Director of Photography

The mission of is to provide Agencies, Directors, Producers, and other DP's with a one stop boutique camera department service at a fair rate no matter the size of the project.  

I'm not a rental house, or a production company.  I provide a camera department service for content creators who don't want to worry about pulling together rental gear and/or learning new gear during pre-production.  I own my gear, I know my gear, and stand behind it's ability to deliver your product, and will be there to insure your satisfaction. 

What set's apart?

First, my gear doesn't go out for rental, it's a fact rental gear takes a beating,  and I don't want you to worry what the person before you did to the camera, gimbal, drone, etc. so I always have an eye on mine.  I understand accidents happen, and if they do, I want someone there to acknowledge it, so I can fix it. Which is why I send at least one person on every shoot and customize a crew to your needs.  If you need a DP and a full crew or just an AC, or something in between.  Everyone on my team a is a capable Movi Operator both on Movi control Movi Mimic and hoisting the ring in a solo shooter mode or in tandem or three and four shooter configurations.  So you can be sure that the equipment is sound and someone will be there who can contribute as much or as little as needed. 

Second, we focus on servicing the content pro we don't focus on producing or directing we provide the tools and operators for those who do.  If you have agency/producer/director needs or want us to manage your project we have a sister company and partnerships that can provide you with experienced professionals in this area, but our focus is on camera department.

Third, we own our cameras, gimbals, support systems, and drones and we don't owe on them, that lowers our overhead, and allows us to pass that savings on to you.  


George Stearns

I'm a Colorado based Director of Photography, FAA Certified Part 107 Drone Pilot (fully insured), Movi Specialist, Helicopter Pilot (FAA certified), and founder of  I've always had a passion for combining artistic expression, story telling, and the technical aspects of cinematography, while creating a methodic approach that's simple, elegant, and appropriate for the scale of the project.  This passion is the driving force behind behind everything I create, from small business online content to large national television campaigns the same level of care and creativity goes into every story I tell.
My ethos is simple, love what you do and work as hard as you can at it.  In this case, I love telling stories through technical proficiency, and a deep understanding of how to get shots that are compelling. 
More importantly, I love the process of uncovering and
understanding the foundational "Why" as it relates to the stories I tell  with my clients, and finding creative and innovative ways ways to express their vision.